Driving the Shift to Energy-Efficient and Climate-Responsible Commercial Refrigeration Equipment in Chile

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This report analyzes commercial refrigeration equipment (CRE) with a particular focus on refrigerated display cabinets (RDCs) at both global and Chilean levels, evaluating energy consumption and exploring the latest technological innovations aimed at enhancing energy performance. It addresses low global warming potential refrigerant options and presents a cost-effectiveness analysis. The report also assesses regional energy efficiency standards and labeling programs, suggesting potential standard requirements tailored to the Chilean context. Key recommendations include updating the CRE product database, adopting the latest international test standards, and establishing minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for RDCs with integral condensing units, prioritizing alignment with the UNEP U4E Model Regulation Guidelines, which are widely consistent with other countries' practices. These recommendations offer guidance for informing policies and programs intended to bolster energy efficiency and sustainability in the commercial refrigeration sector in Chile.

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