The Sustainable Energy Systems Group works to achieve a clean, affordable, and accessible 
global energy system (read more)

Emerging technology assessment, Advanced manufacturing, Energy-efficient buildings, Low-carbon transportation, Human and ecological health Read More
Aerosol Studies, Air Quality Modeling, Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CALGEM) Read More
Writing simulation tools, Estimating prediction uncertainty, Using tools to make decisions Read More
Modeling and analysis capability for joint simulation, Focused on basin-level and regional scales of analysis, Linked with global and... Read More
Analyze energy data to: Find inefficient buildings, Quantify effectiveness of efficiency measures, Determine improved control strategies Read More
Modeling and assessment of changes to the energy and other human systems in response to climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies Read More


Group Leader: Thomas Kirchstetter

Deputies: Corinne Scown and Michael Sohn