Waste-to-Energy Systems

Waste-to-Energy Systems

We develop and enable strategies for diverting a wide range of waste streams from landfills for the production of electricity, heat, liquid fuels, and products.

LandfillOngoing Projects / Areas of Research

Market and Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities

  • Air pollutant and odorous emissions management strategies for dry anaerobic digestion, including emissions during biogas flaring
  • Market analysis of carbon dioxide utilization from carbon dioxide capture and sequestration project

Logistics and Power and Resource Generation Options Analysis

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Technoeconomic Analysis (TEA) of scaling up of food waste, yard waste, and manure utilization for anaerobic digestion and electricity generation
  • Geospatially and temporally resolved organic waste inventories for California
  • Identification of appropriate densification, storage, and conversion technologies for organic waste types available in California
  • Feasibility of utilizing biogas and organic residue for distributed generation, and district energy systems, across California
  • Brine and wastewater utilization management pathways from oil and gas industry and carbon dioxide sequestration projects

Circular Economy and end-of- life optimization: 

  • Valorizing waste streams and by-products of energy technologies and developing cost-competitive, sustainable management pathways
  • Supporting smarter design and resource recovery through design and business model evaluation