Indoor, Outdoor And Regional Profiles Of Pm2.5 Sulfate, Nitrate And Carbon

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Fine particle concentrations were measured simultaneously at three locations: a regional monitoring site in Fresno, California, a backyard of an unoccupied residence in Clovis, California located 6 km northeast of the regional site; and indoors at the same residence. Measurements included 10-min determination of PM2.5 nitrate, sulfate and carbon using an automated collection and vaporization system, and black carbon measured by light attenuation through a filter deposit. Specific outdoor PM2.5 constituents were compared to assess the appropriateness of using regional data to model indoor concentrations from outdoor sources. The outdoor data show that, in general, the regional results provide a good representation of the concentrations seen at the building exterior. The indoor concentrations showed considerable attenuation as well as a broadening and time-lag for the concentration peaks. The concentration reduction was the largest for PM2.5 nitrate, which appears to undergo phase changes in addition to indoor deposition and penetration losses.


9th International Conference on Indoor Air 2002



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